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The Portraits – Kathryn Taylor

Kathryn Taylor, to me KT, is a soul sister, talented artist, successful gallery co-owner and beautiful human being. I’ll never forget the day I met her back in 2010. We were at a local bar where we used to dance the nights away on the Pacific Coast of Nayarit. My girl Nova, my man and I were a few tequilas in, when this beauty joined us for a drink. At the time, I was living in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, a small fishing village in the Bay of Banderas, and KT had recently made the move south from Texas to the Bay, uprooting her life in search of adventure … and little did she know, it would be the most brilliant of decisions she’d (likely) ever made.

Flash-forward seven years, KT is the co-owner of Soñé, the artist behind Xikate MX showcasing her stunning jewellery inspired by the places she goes and people she meets. I was lucky  to have her here in Oaxaca recently and got to make some portraits of her. When I initially looked through the photos, I knew I had captured her at a very special moment in her life; a moment of rebirth, of freedom, of happiness, of independence, of transformation, of discovery. For me, these pictures at this specific moment of change and adventure for her, transmit so much of who I know her to be, and at the same time, transmit so much of the woman that is emerging. Life most recently took an beautifully unexpected twist and as I looked deeply at these portraits, I was able to see new aspects of my girl that, looking back, were always there … right below the surface, ready to be released into the world, ready to help guide a new and exciting path. That twist was most certainly one of life’s most marvelous gifts. I could not be happier to share these photos of my darling miss Kathryn Taylor as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime. (Oh and yes, that’s me, I made an appearance in a few of the pictures). Te queremos, hermana, ¡feliz viaje!

Life is amazing right now, like really really good, you know? I’m traveling a lot, spending a lot of time with friends I don’t get to see often, which is a beautiful thing. This current trip for the next few months is kind of like a trip of discovery in some ways, on my own in the world with complete and total freedom. I’m going to live on a tiny island for a few months, so that should be interesting. There re puffins on the island.

I live in Mexico mainly because ever since the first time I visited, it stole a piece of my heart … I love the culture, the people, the places and it truly feels like home more than anywhere else in the world that I’ve lived … and I’ve lived in many different places. I feel like most of my life decisions are based around being able to be with amazing people, grateful to have many amazings in mi vida.

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