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San Pancho Destination Wedding | Margaret + David


This wedding. I have so much to say, I feel so much when I think about this beautiful couple, where to start?! … how about circa 2002, yep no typo there, a mere 16 years ago is basically where we came to be their wedding photographers. I met David in High School, he was an adorable fella, skater style with a heart of gold. If there’s one thing that I remember most vividly about him, I’d say it was his way of being, even way back then in the stressful world of high school, he had the kindest nature, the best hugs and there’s always been something about him that draws you in, makes you want to be his best friend, and that “something” he still has to this day.

It was back in 2016 that I received a message from David asking if I still lived in Oaxaca and informing me that him and his (then) girlfriend were panning to come down to Oaxaca to travel and live for an unknown amount of time. They left their day jobs in San Francisco and made the trip south where I was overjoyed to re-meet my dear friend in adult life along with stunning Margaret, who I instantly connected with and who I felt like I’d known all along. During their time in Oaxaca, we had BBQs galore, drank mezcal, hung on the shimmering Coast of Oaxaca, road-tripped through the Southern Sierra, ate late night tacos, cried together while watching a terrible US election and so much more. We connected, we became family. One day Margaret asked me about making some engagement pictures of them and I was overjoyed with the idea, instantly knowing that this meant an adventure, as these two are down for anything and everything. We set out in our classic VW bug to roam the maguey fields and climb the mountainous peeks of Tlacochahuaya, exploring this utopia of a town while making pictures, it was an amazing day that I will never forget. For us, it’s so important that every session be an adventure, and experience, whether it’s in the city center, our portrait wall or a far-off pueblo, we want our friends and couples to leave feeling like … damn that was a good time!

Around the same time, Margaret casually asked me if we’d be interested in documenting their wedding, to which I replied with a HELL YES we’re interested!!! You see, not only are these two some of our favorite humans, they are also such a joy to be around. They love hard, they love honestly and authentically, you feel it in our bones, it’s contagious and everyone around them learns a little more about love just by being near them. Feeling this, and then knowing this, made us even more excited to be a part of their wedding celebration. When that day arrived last January, we found our dear friends with their loved ones from all walks of life enjoying the glorious Pacific Coast of Nayarit, the small beach town of San Pancho to be exact, ready to make it official. Their wedding was held at Bungalows Lydia, gorgeous cabañas on top of a cliff with epic views as far as the eye can see and with a small beach below boasting some beauteous views. Their wedding, envisioned by Margaret her (creative) self and planned and executed by Nicoella was literal perfection. Both David and Margaret got ready on site in the company of their best friends and family;  their highly emotional ceremony was held on the beach below, a mere 50 stone stairs descended and ascended by each wedding guest to celebrate these two. Both Roque and I shed tears during their ceremony, but kept it together enough to be on point when their exit included traditional Irish Monos de Calenda (best description that comes to mind) brought by Maragert’s uncles. Their fiesta was under a palapa in true coastal Mexico style, mezcal was in abundance, chelitas flowing, dancing jammin’ and the best time was had. We, and I do mean we – Roque concurs, couldn’t be happier for our queridos amigos, they found one another, we all celebrated their love, they opened their arms to everyone in attendance and we are so grateful to have been part of it. Congrats to David and Margaret, we LOVE y’all somethang fierce!

Photos by Roque Reyes and yours truly | Wedding Planners: Nicoella

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