We focus on documenting life in spaces while telling the story of a space via unique compositions, creative light and the construction of layers, all of which permit us to tell multiple stories in a single frame. We believe that just like human beings, each space is unique, the details brought to life and given purpose by the humans that create and interact with them; this is a key element of our architecture storytelling. In addition to those living in the space, we believe it ́s important to show the process of how the space came to be by documenting the faces whose hands touched each element that brought the space from an idea to a drawing and then into it ́s physical existence as a home. There are multiple stories within each architecture project, those stories are important and deserve to be told. A home becomes a home at the intersection of physical space and human presence, we aim to visually show that intersection through the creation of a unique and creative photographic collection.

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We document life. The big moments, the small moments and everything in between. Welcome to reportage wedding photography through our eyes.