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Angela and Todor | Oaxaca Destination Wedding

Angela and Todor. Heart explodes for these two, one of whom I’ve known since the days of obsessions with oversized basketball Ts, Dubs to be exact, while dedicating our recesses to WNBA dreams. You see, Angela and I met in kindergarten at Waldorf School, two budding athletes guided by hippie parents, best friends on a mission to be the best basketball players and capture the flag team leaders (Angela always won in both categories). Weekends we spent shooting hoops, watching the X-Files, playing with pet mice, adventuring through the canyons and woods by our homes; we were extraordinarily active kids with endless energy and a deep desire to explore anything and everything … something that I think for both of us, has become a huge part of who and where we are today. In middle school I left Waldorf and Angela and I went our separate ways, loosing touch over the busy years of middle and high school, only to re-meet in Oaxaca back in 2013. By then, Angela and Todor were a couple, both of whom live to travel, and landed in Oaxaca for an adventure where we met up, chatting the night away at a local hookah and mezcal bar. I distinctly remember feeling so happy to have re-crossed paths after so many years. Flash forward to 2017, I received and email from Angela about having her wedding in Oaxaca, to which I responded with great delight and fierce excitement, I was probably more excited then they were in that first moment, that feeling of life coming full circle was incredible.

Angela and Todor’s wedding was amazing and particularly emotional for me, I couldn’t help but remember so many wild moments we had shared in our childhood and felt so grateful to be part of their wedding. Their wedding was held at Hotel Azul and planned by the brilliant Holly and Friederike of Oaxaca Destination Weddings. The integration of their Bulgarian and British cultures was beautifully woven into their wedding day along with the infamous Oaxacan wedding traditions. Angela’s calm nature and open heart perfectly complement Todor’s clever and charming personality, they share an extremely tight bond and are present with one another in every moment. The world stops when they engage, time slows and you can see in their faces, in their eyes, the immense joy and love that they share. They are dedicated to each other, noticeably so … to each other and to travel might I add. Their unwavering wanderlust has seen them through many an adventure, taking them to the furthest nooks and crannies on this earth, traveling the world hand in hand, they are an inspiration. It was such an honor to document their Oaxaca wedding, we enjoyed every last moment. One thing that stuck with me was something Angela’s mom said to me on their wedding day in teary eyes full of love and admiration for her baby girl:  “It’s the strangest feeling when your child gets married, it’s like their entire life flashes before you, every moment, every memory and not only do you see it, but you feel it too, it’s a profoundly moving and remarkable experience unlike any other.” I loved that reflection, and as always, it got me thinking on the ever present emotional guide that sees us through life and that appears with force on the wedding day.

How far Angela and I have come … yoga beat basketball in the end and we re-found one another in glorious Oaxaca as adults with great appreciation for  life, travel and culture … how the universe gets it so right I will never understand but will always feel grateful for. I could go on and on here, but I’ll try to keep it short(ish), so on that note –  I am so happy for this beautiful pair, soulmates deeply committed to one another, both Roque and I are so very grateful to have them on this wild ride of life, we adore these beautiful souls. Congrats to our queridos amigos on such a beautiful love filled wedding! Cheers to the many more fantastic adventures ahead!

Venue: Hotel Azul | Photography: Roque Reyes and yours truly | Wedding Planners: Oaxaca Destination Weddings

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