The Portraits – Lindy+Andres

I have recently been experimenting with black and white portraits; making them in ordinary spaces such as my patio, friend’s backyards, the street, among other spaces – using natural light and in some cases, artificial light. The project began with the idea of making a portrait of each my dearest and nearest, family and friends, every single one of them, during one year. I infinitely cherish the friendships I have, they are a huge part of my life, many of which came to be in the most serendipitous of situations imaginable. I hope to continue for as long as possible with this project, every year in theory, to collaboratively create images over time of every single person that has stolen a piece of my heart at some point in my life, they mean the world to me.

The hardest aspect so far, has been getting to all of my people, as the majority live throughout Mexico and in the states. I have also been challenged by the weather, cloud-cover during a shoot, rain or miscalculating the time in which the ideal natural light hits the spaces I plan to shoot in, something that surely has me on a path to expertise in accurately telling the time of day via the sun’s position in the sky. The most motivating part so far has been the learning process, understanding how to make something beautiful in a space that’s not necessarily the most visually attractive, as well as understanding how best to use natural light to my advantage in order to make an honest beautiful portrait. I am loving the process of making the individual images, the intimacy, the physical relaxation over the course of a shoot, the conversation that finds itself in the release of inhibition and a sense of freedom. I have many more to go and I’m sure the images and techniques will transform, change and develop with time, something I am really looking forward to.

So, this is my first post of the project, featuring my dear friends and stunning lovers, Lindy and Andres. They jumped right in, at first a dash hesitant and then as that hesitation lifted and they no longer looked to me to deflect the focus from themselves, they became fearless, quickly landing in an ideal space where I felt no need to communicate, where I became very aware that I was there as an observer documenting them as they are, both individually and together in the present moment. It is an incredibly emotional process that has and continues to teach me so much about myself, my friends and the magic that we share. Many thanks to these stellar humans, for their patience, putting up with my bossy self and their willingness to let go, shake it out, become raw and be themselves – all under some pretty intense direct sunlight, might I add. Infinite gratitude for both of you, with all of my heart, gracias. The experimentation continues.