Santa Cruz Day in the Life


I was so excited when Melissa reached out about shooting a day in the life with her family! We met back in the day and spent time in Oaxaca together back in 2008, which was an amazing time in both of our lives. It was really moving for me to see her as a new mother, surrounded by so much love while maneuvering this new new world with such grace. It was also extra special because Melissa’s sister, Lani, also just had a baby girl, babies Uma and Aira are only a few weeks apart, sister cousins. Photographing the entire family at this moment in their lives really gave me a glimpse into their world, the deep connection of sisters having new baby girls at the same time, darling Oliver adjusting big-brotherhood, to two new babies in his life. Both Melissa and Lani are wonderful mothers with some of the kindest men I’ve ever met right by their sides and the most amazing Grandmothers a baby could hope for. I loved watching how Melissa and Lani interact with one another, how they support each other so naturally. Observing their strong relationship with their mother and seeing all three generations together at different phases of life was a beautiful thing to be able to witness. I am so happy for this lovely growing family, sending a heartfelt thank you to all of them, for opening their doors and allowing me to capture a day in their life, it was a true honor. Here are some of my favorite moments from that day, enjoy!