San Francisco Wedding | Sundari+Bill


Sundari+Bill! What a wonderful bunch of people they brought together on their wedding day, it was truly something special, the love was palpable. This gorgeous couple share a very deep connection, not only with one another, but also with their friends and family from all walks of life, a strong feeling of community. I loved seeing Bill’s children as an integral part of the wedding, as well as Sundari’s beautiful relationship with each one of them. One of my favorite moments was during a friend’s speech, saying “… I mean common’, who meets and falls in-love at Burning Man anyways?” Right then, quite literally a quarter of the guests shot their hands in the air as everyone in attendance burst in to the most contagious of laughter, it was perfect.

So yes, Sundari and Bill met at Burning Man, feel madly in-love and now call one of my favorite cities home, sweet San Francisco. I loved watching them interact, they share a remarkable intuition, as if words are unnecessary, they can read one another with astonishing accuracy, they are absolutely in sync in every way. Their ceremony was a dream, held at the Shakespeare Gardens in Golden Gate Park, followed by a stunning reception at Portrero Hill Neighborhood House, keeping it local and giving back to their community while celebrating one of the most special days in their lives. Cierra Lockwood from Dreams on a Dime Events & Weddings did a fantastic job coordinating the day, every detail was on point, it was perfection in every sense of the word. I am so happy to have experienced such a magical wedding overlooking the San Francisco Bay with some seriously great human beings. Congrats to Sundari+Bill!