Remembering my Grandfather June 2013

I had never photographed a funeral before, so this was a first for me. There is something visually stunning about it all, the raw unfiltered emotion and the deep connection brought about by loss and memories of the deceased.

My grandfather was a remarkable human being. He was a medic in World War II, raised a family, acted as a father figure to my father’s friends whose home situations were extraordinarily difficult and taught me to play a damn good hand of gin rummy while deciphering the U.S. justice system via episodes of Law and Order.

He was a pillar of strength in my family and after 91 years of living, loving and experiencing, he breathed his last breath in peace and tranquility. This photo essay is dedicated to my grandfather and to my family; to a man who inspired and cared for many and who passed us his story through photography and newspaper clippings. Looking through years of photographs had my entire family laughing and crying, remembering and reminiscing, learning and letting go.

Each image reminded me of the power of photography in bringing the past to the present and reviving hidden memories. These photographs tell a glimpse of my grandfather’s story, of his trials and tribulations; of a family remembering a loved one and celebrating life; of a life well lived.