Pregnancy Shoot in Nayarit – Nicole Marie

This beauty is expecting her second baby! So in celebration of this special time in this mama and baby’s life, we ventured into the river and jungle in Nayarit to make some unique images in an extraordinarily stunning place accompanied by some pretty epic and equally dramatic light on a balmy Friday morning. Nicole is one of my dearest and nearest and photographing her is always such a blessing. She is gorgeous and she glows with the belly, she owns it, she was meant to be the spectacular mother that she is. She is up for anything and always down for a good photo adventure, and her first born even joined in for a few photos … before making it clear that he was only interested in playing in the river, such a water baby he is. I’m so excited for Nicole and her growing little family and I cannot wait to meet this little one in just a few months! With overflowing love and joy, I am stoked to share some of my favorites from this magical shoot at such a beautiful time in the life of one of my most phenomenal sisters.