Oaxaca Wedding | Elsa + Joseph

Four days documenting the wedding of Elsa + Joseph in Oaxaca, perfect way to kick off 2019. These two together, something special would be an understatement, they are genuine souls with fierce love for one another and for their people. The festivities began with a mezcal tour in San Baltazar Guelavila and ended with a post-wedding photo session in the same village settled amongst fields of maguey and mind-blowing landscapes. Their wedding celebration had everyone in attendance both laughing and crying with joy, it felt tangible. Friends and family made speeches that hit the heart strings hard, their love is contagious and we feel to lucky to have been a part of their wedding weekend. We adore these two, thank you for having us along to celebrate queridos Elsa + Joseph.

Wedding Planner Vero Vivas | Photography Roque and Nikhol | Venue Quinta Real Oaxaca

DAY ONE. Mezcal tour in San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca.


DAY TWO. Welcome cocktail at Casa Estambul.


DAY THREE. Wedding day, Oaxaca Centro.


DAY FOUR. Photo session in San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca.