Oaxaca Wedding – Anna+Mario


Anna+Mario. These two know how to throw an epic wedding, let me tell you. When Anna walked down the aisle at Hotel Casa Murguía with her father and a spectacular (surprise) musician on the Bagpipe leading the way, everyone was captivated. She was stunning and her beauty shone bright on that special day. Mario was as dashing as ever, strikingly handsome and equally in awe of the vision that was his bride. Their wedding was incredibly unique, smoothly mixing cultural traditions from England, Scotland and the Oaxacan regions of the Istmo and the Central Valley, making for one hell of a festive day. A highlight was the Mediu Xhiga, an Istmeño tradition where guests pin money to the newlyweds heads as they dance with clay pots trying to maintain theirs intact and break the pots of others. In the end, the newlyweds are left with a good sum of money to begin their new path together.

It’s clear to anyone who sees Anna+Mario together, that they captivate one another, that they believe in one another, that they make each other endlessly laugh, that they are best friends, perfect life partners and madly in-love. This talented couple share something very special, and I feel tremendously fortunate to have been able to document it. I am grateful to call these two and their family, my friends, and I am excited to see how their journey together continues to unfold. Wishing the newlyweds the most amazing of experiences as they embark on this new adventure together as a married couple. ¡Felicidades queridos!