Oaxaca Destination Wedding | Liz + Enrique


The first time Enrique and I met we happened to both be passing through Mexico City and found ourselves in a tiny bar hidden amongst the glorious tree-lined streets of Roma Norte, where we sipped on pulque perched upright in a less than conformable rickety diner style tables next to what appeared to be the beer storage zone, as we were surrounded by boxes full of boos. For Roque and I, getting to know the people we photograph is of immense importance, and Enrique and I did just that. We chatted life, travel, wedding and more, it was a most perfect first encounter. Since that night, we know we’d work well together and upon meeting the beautiful and witty Liz, the deal was sealed.

Flash forward 8 months, their big day arrived as our first wedding of 2018 and just as we’d imagined, it was beyond words. Oaxaca Destination Weddings took wedding planning to an entirely new level, every detail was chosen with love and intention, every moment planned to perfection, we literally felt as if we were on an adventure full of surprises the entire day. Liz & Enrique got ready at Hotel Azul, where they also held their completely unique and stunning ceremony, followed by one of the most epic wedding calendas through the Centro Historico of Oaxaca City, and when I say epic – I mean a calenda full of professional dancers … no joke, they killed it, even in the wildly warm midday heat. The calenda ended at the double-decker tourist buses, which they rented for transportation to their venue, a whole new experience in and of itself. Heading out from the Centro Historico, second-story dancing and mezcal were in abundance, however once we got a few blocks out, the telephone cables hung low above our heads, leading to yours truly nearly getting clotheslined (literally was saved at the very last minute – as you’ll see below) and guests staying in a half duck and cover position most of the way, it was a fabulously chaotic start to their fiesta.

Their reception was held at La Calera, a beautiful factory turned event venue located just outside the city center. Liz and Enrique got things going with an absolutely breath-taking Tango dance, the dance that brought them together as a couple, it was poetic, wild and beautiful, and so captivating in fact, that there were moments when I nearly forgot to shoot. Seeing as half of their guests are dancers, the party that ensued was also memorizing, with casual dance-offs and amazing moves, we had the best time watching the magic unfold. Liz and Enrique stole hearts from day one, they share a beautiful connection and literally can’t keep their eyes off one another; they are from opposite cultures and different countries and yet share so much in common, it’s like the force of the universe, or the love of Tango, is so strong that it pulled these two together with all of the intention imaginable. Evident was their love in every aspect of their wedding day – their devotion to Tango, their contagious energy, their unstoppable laughter and their passion for making positive change in the world, all of which was woven beautifully into their wedding celebration. We adore these two and feel lucky to have documented their wedding day and to call them our friends. Congrats to Liz and Enrique, we love y’all and wish you the most brilliant adventure ahead!

Photos by Roque Reyes and yours truly | Wedding planned and executed by Oaxaca Destination Weddings