New Orleans Wedding | Rachel +Vann


Rachel+Vann. These two shine bright, they stole our hearts from the first moment we met them. Their wedding, coordinated by the talented ladies of My House Social, was everything we could have dreamed of and more, especially for our first wedding in New Orleans. In many ways, their celebration reminded me a lot of weddings in Oaxaca, drenched in culture, tradition, music and even an incredible celebratory wedding parade down the stunning streets of downtown New Orleans. The presence of historic culture in celebration was wildly similar, something that made us feel right at home. Rachel+Vann are made for one another, the love they share radiated throughout the day, contagious and joyous, in-sync with one another on an incredibly deep level, it was truly a beautiful thing to witness.  I could go on for hours about how much we adore these two wonderful humans, their people and every moment of this brilliant wedding, but instead I’ll let the pictures do the talking. So on that note, congrats to Rachel+Vann, we love y’all, keep on spreading the love as you so smoothly do, cheers to you!