Mexico City Wedding – Layla+Carlos

Layla and I met in Oaxaca in 2012 and quickly became close friends, so when she announced that she was getting hitched, I knew documenting such a special day in her life would be an enormous honor, even while walking the line between wedding guest and photographer. I was with Layla the night that she and Carlos were casually crushing on one another as he worked a light/mapping show in the Jardin Etnobotanico of Oaxaca in 2013. I watched as her eyes lit up while she effortlessly stole 100% of Carlos’ attention; their nervous and slightly awkward interaction persists, to this day, as a vivid memory that melts my heart and fills me with joy. They had met back in the day through a mutual friend, but it wasn’t until many years later that they re-met and realized that there was something very special there. And something special it most certainly is; Layla and Carlos are wonderful together, a true match, very much in-love with one another. Layla’s beautifully wild energy is perfectly complemented by the deep calm that Carlos emanates in everything he does. They balance one another and it’s a beauteous thing to witness.

Their wedding was an eclectic mix of perfection, starting with a fiesta on the Trajineras of Xochimilco DF, accompanied by a floating mariachi of course, and delicious regional snacks, setting the tone for the epic party that ensued. The ceremony followed, a bit later than planned due to the judge taking his sweet time in arriving, and still it was perfect. One of my favorite things was the giant brightly painted pyramid that the community installed right at their ceremony location only a few days before their wedding without letting them know, of course. Instead of freaking out about it, they laughed it off and made it the perfect spot for some totally random images, a true reflection of Carlos and Layla’s natural ability to let go and smoothly embrace the unexpected. The fiesta, on the banks of Xochimilco, reminded me of a dance-off, everyone bringing their very best moves to the dance floor (including myself), their peeps really know how to get down! Layla was a vision on her wedding day, just as gorgeous as ever, and Carlos … the most dashing of grooms. I am beyond elated for Layla+Carlos, I truly love them both with all of my heart, words cannot even begin to express how much love I have for these stunning human beings and how grateful I am to have them in my life. So here’s to Layla+Carlos, to the phenomenal adventure to come, congrats to the newlyweds, you two are something special!