Melissa+Anton| The Casitas Estate | San Luis Obispo


Anton+Melissa. I’ve known these two lovely souls for quite a few years now, it’s been a beautiful thing seeing them grow together and even more magical to document their stunning wedding at the Casitas Estate in San Luis Obispo, coordinated by the amazing Janet Tacy of Sand Castle Celebrations, whose energy is on point and relaxed approach is unparalleled, she’s a true gem. Melissa is laid back, gentle, a true vision; I love watching the dashing Anton as he looks at her – it’s as if the world stops every time he sees her, their love feels tangible and is highly contagious. This gorgeous pair were made for one another, and over the many years they’ve shared together, they’ve continued to set a beautiful example of profound and authentic love, for which I am grateful to have once again witnessed on their wedding day. Congrats to Anton+Melissa, here’s to the beginning of a new and exciting adventure together!