El Rey Condoy y la Sierra Mixe April 2013

The Sierra Mixe is located in the northern sierra of the state of Oaxaca. Throughout the year community members, families or individuals in the region head up the mountain to bring offerings to the Rey Condoy for a variety of personal and/or communal reasons. Their motives vary greatly and could be to request a plentiful harvest or rid harmful spirits, among many other reasons. The offerings for the Rey Condoy consist of chickens, corn dough in specific forms, cigarettes, tepache and mezcal. The ceremony is followed by a traditional fiesta where mezcal and tepache are in abundance while caldo mixe and tamales are consumed, followed by hours of lively dance and laughter.

These photos were taken during a recent trip to the Sierra Mixe where a ceremony in tribute to the Rey Condoy was carried out. However, as an invited guest to the ceremony and out of respect for my hosts/friends privacy, few photographs of the actual ceremony are included. If you are interested in learning more about the Rey Condoy, much information can be found online via simple google search.