Destination Wedding Mexico City | Isabel + Dorian


Isabel and Dorian were married in Mexico City last December, where Isabel was born and their wedding was gorgeous, full of wonderful people, laughter and love. When Isabel first contacted us about shooting her wedding, if I recall correctly, it was at least a year and a half in advance, so early in fact, that plane tickets for her wedding dates weren’t even available for purchase. Over that year or so, we got acquainted and we were really looking forward to their celebration. Isabel and Dorian are absolutely amazing together, their witty sense of humor and clever one-liners had us laughing our way through their day. In fact, Isabel reminds me a lot of friends I grew up with; she’s hilarious, brilliant, feisty, a real gem. Dorian – you just want to hug – not because he needs a hug, but because he’s such a genuine, loving, kind human being, also ridiculously clever and extra points because he’s always smiling. These two are incredibly attentive to one another, frequently locking eyes and forgetting about the world around them for extended moments in time – so much so that I had to break the lock on a few occasions to make sure we arrived on time to their ceremony, as we walked through the sea of thousands of humans that convene at the Zocalo in Mexico City that time of year. This pair even purchased a blessing by Shamans pre-ceremony in the zocalo, to which Isabel keenly noted – could be blessing or a curse, time shall tell. It was an adventure, every moment in center of the mega city, and we were all down for the ride. One fun fact – there was another “Roque” in attendance, we were in awe, the first ever Roque #2 we’ve met!

Isabel and Dorian got ready together, helping one another every step of the way. Their wedding ceremony was held at the Cathedral in the Zocalo, an absolutely stunning piece of architecture full of history, and even though Photographers are not allowed in the aisle during the ceremony, we made it work from Press booths perched above the guests. The reception was held at La Casa del Corregidor where dancing ensued, tears were shed, Mariachi jammed, it was epic. We are grateful to these two for entrusting us to capture this special day in their lives, documenting their wedding was a beautiful experience. Congrats to Isabel and Dorian!

Pictures by Roque Reyes and yours truly | Wedding planned and executed by the brilliant Dahn Wedding Panner