Day in the Life – Nayarit

Last February I documented some of life for one of my dearest friends in this wild world when she was six months pregnant with her second baby (which I got to photograph here). She is one of the most powerful women I know, she is a mama of two (as of June!) and just one of the most caring, loving, generous people. Her partner is equally amazing, the talented photographer Ulises L. Guerrero, and their little guy is easily one of the most beautiful little humans I’ve ever seen.  I’ve always felt a special connection with Kiowa, we’re both virgos and there’s just something about him that deeply draws me to him; he is wise beyond his years, he’s a warrior with a heart of gold. He loves to explore, take risks, paint, eat eat eat, run around non-stop like the perfectly wild little toddler he is and he is 100% a water baby, obsessed with playing with and being in the water. Nicole and Ulises are brilliant parents, I greatly admire their approach to family and life and have learned so much from just observing them in their element.

During my time with them, Nicole’s parents were visiting, making for some extra special images. Oh and it was hot, like really really hot where moving seems like an unbearable obstacle, which oddly enough still left me missing that beautiful coast I used to call home. I’m excited to share some of the photos from my days with them at their jungle home in a small pueblo in Nayarit, as well as the beach adventures and every-day activities. So grateful to have them in my life and to be able to document a bit of their reality.

Be sure to check out Nicole’s beautiful documentation of motherhood on instagram, you won’t regret it: @bfloinmexico