Lauren + Brett were married in Lodi, California, where they both grew up and eventually re-crossed paths, a moment that lead to this most beautiful day. Surrounded by family and friends, they loved, laughed and danced the night away out on Lauren’s Grandparent’s land, a truly special place to celebrate this moment in their lives. Their ceremony was held at Cathedral of Annunciation in Stockton, which is one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever stepped foot in, we were mesmerized by the light and stained-glass. They got ready at their childhood homes with their closest friends and family in attendance, full of quiet moments of love and emotion. Lauren and Brett are two special souls. They share a noticeably profound and authentic love, you can feel it in the way they communicate, how they steal glances regularly that always end with the sweetest smirk of knowing that love is cherished. We feel so lucky to have been part of their wedding day. Congratulations Lauren + Brett! We’ll always be looking forward to crossing paths once again, amigos.

This post is dedicated to the loving memory of Lauren’s Grandfather, who was such a important part of their wedding day and a pillar of love and strength in their family. May he rest in peace.

Alicia + Scott were married at the Greenpoint Loft, a stunning venue on the waterfront in Brooklyn with views of Manhattan that light up the sky at night. Michelle of Onederland Events did an amazing job, everything was perfection, from the surprise Mets Mascot arrival to the Samba Dancers, the night was full of life, laughter and dancing … lots of dancing. Alicia got ready at the gorgeous William Vale Hotel also in Brooklyn, their rooms are something else entirely, boasting mind-blowing views of Manhattan from way high up … something that, to be perfectly honest, took me a minute to adjust to, but once I did I was captivated. Scott along with his friends and Father got ready at their apartment in the heart of Greenpoint and before all of the wedding activities began, Alicia, Scott and family played a few rounds of Horse to start they day off right. It was my first time shooting a wedding in New York and I loved every moment. These two share something very special, they’re contrasting personalities remind me much of my own relationship and they complement each other in the best ways possible. It was am amazing experience to be able to document this special day in their lives, congratulations to Alicia and Scott!

In case you missed it, these two came down to Oaxaca for their engagement shoot, here’s the post from that epic stormy adventure.

Gaby + Gerardo son unos seres hermosos. Tuvimos el honor de documentar su boda y unos días después hicimos una sesión post-boda en el Centro Histórico de la ciudad enfrente del Restaurante de Gerardo, Sabina Sabe, y luego salimos para la Ex-Hacienda San Antonio, un lugar magnifico en medio de la naturaleza. Fue toda una aventura con lluvia, lodo, risa, perritos, alegría y mucho más, me encantó pasar la tarde con ellos haciendoles fotos y explorando la Ex-Hacienda. Pronto subiré la historia completa de su boda, mientras tanto, les compartimos unos de nuestros momentos favoritos de la sesión. Abrazos para G+G, ¡los queremos!

Patricia and Athanasi were married at Santo Domingo de Guzman church followed by a colorful cocktail and amazing fiesta at the Quinta Real Oaxaca. Their first look was one of our all time favorites! Patricia passed right by her awaiting groom, so nervous that she just kept on walking until onlookers pointed out her soon-to-be husband was now behind her! It was brilliant, unique and completely them. These two are gentle souls, kind and patient with one another and madly in love. It was an honor to document this special day in their lives. Happy six months married to Patricia and Athanasi!

Location: Quinta Real Oaxaca | Wedding Planner: Marcela González Eventos | Photos by Roque and me | DJ Efectos Digitales


Mary Grace + Arturo celebrated their wedding at the new Tierra Tropical Beach Club in San Pancho, Nayarit. It was the first wedding ever at this venue, a cool experience photographing in our old stomping grounds but at a brand new location. From the start, that moment we chatted on skype on a ridiculously hot evening in Oaxaca and a cool one in New York, I knew this was the beginning of a real life friendship. They didn’t even bat an eye as I nearly melted in the intense Oaxaca heat, sweating profusely on the video call, true friendship starts with acceptance they say now don’t they?! But in all seriousness, we clicked. A few months before Mary Grace and Arturo’s wedding in San Pancho, we were in New York and spent an evening roaming their barrio plastered with brilliant street art, eating amazing food and chatting all things everything seamlessly moving between English and Spanish, gushing about Mexico, culture, travel and life, we felt right at home. After that night we were even more excited. Flash forward to last November, seeing them together on their big day was a treat. Mary Grace and Arturo balance one another in so many ways, they bring out this feeling of total ease, acceptance and love in each other and in those around them, we feel lucky to have been able to experience this feeling while celebrating them. Their wedding ceremony was a dream at the local town church that we absolutely adored, full of character and interesting light, followed by an all out dance party at the absolutely stunning Tierra Tropical. Mary Grace and Arturo are two special souls to us and to those around them, real and authentic, beautiful inside and out, our dear friends and spectacular human beings, we are grateful to have been part of their wedding. Also, as luck would have it, we will be visiting them soon and you’ll find us sipping on mezcal and catching up in all of our languages, as we do. We’re excited to share their wedding story here on our blog, so on that note, ¡felicidades a Mary Grace y Arturo! We love you guys.

Photos by Roque Reyes and Me | Wedding Coordinator Somer of Vida Bonita Events | Venue Tierra Tropical Beach Club 

Unji and Andrew. These two got hitched and then came to Oaxaca with a group of their closest friends and their families to celebrate during Mexico’s Independence Day fiestas. I had a wonderful time documenting their day and getting to know them and their people. Unji and Andrew are amazing together, authentic and witty, genuine and kind, complementing one another perfectly in every way; I’m happy our paths crossed as they did. Thanks for having me along guys, ¡felicidades!

Beautiful day after fiesta at Criollo for R+P. We love this space, always such an experience to pass time there. We had a lot of fun photographing this lovely crew, some fun compositions came together, light in play was in abundance, wonderful time all around.

Raquel + Pier, married in Oaxaca. It’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog, so we are excited to share some of our recent work here in no particular order, starting with this gorgeous wedding at Casa Oaxaca last Fall. Raquel and Pier told us from the start that they didn’t want posed photos, so we were set and ready to document their wedding day with no direction on our behalf. The moment Raquel saw Pier she lit up, you could see it, you could feel it, what a unique and transparent connection these two share. From Casa Oaxaca Hotel to the stunning church Santo Domingo de Guzman and ending their celebration the next day at Criollo, we enjoyed every last moment of their celebration and it was a true honor to document this special day in their lives! Happy six months married to Raquel and Pier!

Susie and Frankie were married in San Francisco last June and I was lucky enough to document their intimate celebration. Susie and I met in 2016 through a friend, and it was the moment that she let me know that although she was just beginning the planning process, she’d like for me to photograph her wedding. Flash forward a year, Susie, Frankie and their beautiful little girl Sofia were in Oaxaca where we met up and chatted all things weddings. Trying to decide between a Oaxaca destination wedding and a San Francisco wedding, we hashed out the pros and cons of each, and in the end, San Francisco it was. Their wedding was beautiful emotional and intimate, a small group of their closest friends and family in attendance. Frankie being a talented Artists, we made pictures at one of their favorite spots, Balmy Alley, in the Mission District full of murals, color and life, followed by a beautiful ceremony and epic dance party at the Stable Cafe. I felt a strong connection to this family, their Hispanic cultures and traditions deeply tied into every aspect of their wedding day making me feel right at home. Susie and Frankie are a real sight together, they really get one another and share such a profound connection. Equally moving was seeing them with their darling little girl, their love for her overflowed at every moment. I feel very grateful to have been a part of their wedding in the city I used to call home, it was a most wonderful experience. Here are my favorite moments from their big day, ¡felicidades a Susie y Frankie!


Micco + Marcel were married last May in Oaxaca. Their wedding, celebrated with an intimate group of friends and family in the heart of Oaxaca’s stunning Centro Historico, was a beautiful mix of cultures and impressively planned entirely by Marcel all the way from New York City! From our first skype call, Marcel emphasized the importance of integration both of their cultures along with Oaxacan traditions into their wedding day, which was the exact result of his intention. Being May in Oaxaca, rain clouds loomed over the first half of their wedding day, only to release heavy showers right at the end of their Tea Ceremony, making for the most epic chaos including a quick ceremony location switch-up and a brilliant end to their wedding ceremony.

Micco and Marcel share such a beautiful connection, they inhabit their own little world that only they understand, their unique and clever personalities complement one another perfectly and are equally attentive to one another. These talented and accomplished souls share a deep love for one another, it felt truly contagious, setting the tone for the most joyous of celebrations. It was such an honor to be part of their wedding day, we loved every last moment, congrats to Micco + Marcel!

Photos by Roque Reyes & Yours truly | Venue: Quinta Real Oaxaca & Casa Oaxaca Restaurant