I recently had the chance to document an afternoon in the life of this lovely family in Oaxaca City. Dana and Mauricio are the amazing parents of the most gorgeous little boy, Aslan, who stole my heart with his bubbly personality, stunning smile and those eyes, oh those eyes! This little guy shines to bright, he’s a mover and a shaker, spreading joy where ever he goes. He is blessed to have such wonderful parents at his side on this wild journey, who’s deep love for one another and for him is evident in every aspect of their life, they are a true inspiration to me. Here are some of my favorite moments, enjoy!

Kathryn Taylor, to me KT, is a soul sister, talented artist, successful gallery co-owner and beautiful human being. I’ll never forget the day I met her back in 2010. We were at a local bar where we used to dance the nights away on the Pacific Coast of Nayarit. My girl Nova, my man and I were a few tequilas in, when this beauty joined us for a drink. At the time, I was living in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, a small fishing village in the Bay of Banderas, and KT had recently made the move south from Texas to the Bay, uprooting her life in search of adventure … and little did she know, it would be the most brilliant of decisions she’d (likely) ever made.

Flash-forward seven years, KT is the co-owner of Soñé, the artist behind Xikate MX showcasing her stunning jewellery inspired by the places she goes and people she meets. I was lucky  to have her here in Oaxaca recently and got to make some portraits of her. When I initially looked through the photos, I knew I had captured her at a very special moment in her life; a moment of rebirth, of freedom, of happiness, of independence, of transformation, of discovery. For me, these pictures at this specific moment of change and adventure for her, transmit so much of who I know her to be, and at the same time, transmit so much of the woman that is emerging. Life most recently took an beautifully unexpected twist and as I looked deeply at these portraits, I was able to see new aspects of my girl that, looking back, were always there … right below the surface, ready to be released into the world, ready to help guide a new and exciting path. That twist was most certainly one of life’s most marvelous gifts. I could not be happier to share these photos of my darling miss Kathryn Taylor as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime. (Oh and yes, that’s me, I made an appearance in a few of the pictures). Te queremos, hermana, ¡feliz viaje!

Life is amazing right now, like really really good, you know? I’m traveling a lot, spending a lot of time with friends I don’t get to see often, which is a beautiful thing. This current trip for the next few months is kind of like a trip of discovery in some ways, on my own in the world with complete and total freedom. I’m going to live on a tiny island for a few months, so that should be interesting. There re puffins on the island.

I live in Mexico mainly because ever since the first time I visited, it stole a piece of my heart … I love the culture, the people, the places and it truly feels like home more than anywhere else in the world that I’ve lived … and I’ve lived in many different places. I feel like most of my life decisions are based around being able to be with amazing people, grateful to have many amazings in mi vida.

Liz e Iván se casaron en nuestra bella ciudad, rodeados por sus seres queridos, fue un día maravilloso. Su calenda fue única, con los famosos Zancudos de Zaachila bailando en el cielo, monitos de calenda hechos a mano por sus familiares y amigos, música en vivo y las Chinas Oaxaqueñas luciendo la hermosa cultura regional, ¡fue una experiencia increíble para todos!  Liz e Iván son unos seres hermosos, con grandes corazones y profundamente enamorados. Fue un honor documentar su celebración tan llena de vida y alegría, ¡felicidades a nuestros queridos amigos!

 Segundo Fotógrafo: Roque Reyes | Locación: El Centro Historico de Oaxaca de Juárez

Lucia+Andy are wonderful human beings and it was a true honor to be part of their intimate wedding in downtown Oaxaca. They are some of the  most loving, warm and kind people we’ve had the pleasure to know; their love for one another and their friends and family was contagious and quite literally had us tearing-up throughout the day. The wedding was a fantastic mixing of cultures and traditions, with roots in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Europe, celebrating in Oaxaca was the perfect choice  for their lively love-filled wedding day. We are thrilled for our new friends and feel mighty grateful for the phenomenal experience of their brilliant Oaxaca wedding. Congrats to Lucia+Andy, here’s to many more years of killer dance moves, tears of joy and the most beautiful love.

Wedding Coordination: Oaxaca Destination Weddings | Venues: Hotel Galeria Azul & Los Danzantes Oaxaca | Second Photographer: Roque Reyes

My dear friends are getting married, so naturally, I requested they travel to one of my favorite villages in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Llano de las Flores, to make their engagement pictures. It’s a magical place; a massive meadow where wild horses and bulls lazily graze with tiny islands scattered throughout, reminding me of something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. Here are a few of my favorites from this adventure, my pups even make a few appearances. Congrats to Samantha+Eduardo, mad love for these humans, so excited for the wedding!

Lucia+Andy’s Oaxaca wedding was a dream … intimate, so full of love and just absolutely beautiful in every way. I will be sharing their wedding story soon, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite moments from a little pre-wedding session the day before their big day, in Oaxaca’s stunning Centro Historico. Lucia and Andy are some of the funniest, wild, fearless, loving people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know and it was such an honor to be a part of their celebration. I will publish their gorgeous wedding very soon here on the blog!

Beautiful work bringing this amazing celebration to life by the talented ladies of  Oaxaca Destination Weddings.

Vero+Ernesto se casaron en la Ciudad de Oaxaca y fue una hermosa celebración. Fue una intima ceremonía y fiesta con su gente más cercana presente en la bella Casa Morelos, una preciosa casa antigua en el Centro Historico. El día se lleno de amor y alegría; fue un honor capturar su hermosa boda. Acá les comparto algunas de mis momentos favoritos. ¡Felicidades a Vero+Ernesto!

Claire+Manuel. When they first got in touch last Spring, they told me that although they didn’t have a set plan yet, they knew they wanted to celebrate their love in the campo, perhaps among the ruins of Dainzu or somewhere remote deep in the corn fields of the Central Valley of Oaxaca. In the end, they decided on the expansive maguey fields and cactus courtyards, backyard to the magnificent Ex-Hacienda Guadalupe, located in the picturesque village of Tlacochahuaya. From day one, I knew their wedding would be amazing, unique and full of love, and they did not disappoint. The tears began flowing at the onset of their stunning outdoor ceremony, surrounded by massive cactus walls, rolling mountains and their closest friends and loving family, not a dry eye was present. A local calenda swooped them up from the ceremony, leading them to the reception, which was a dream … set under the starry night sky, in the courtyard of the gorgeous hacienda, a few lights hung, a live band and mezcal flowing, lots of mezcal. Claire and Manuel share such a special love, they are gentle souls and beautiful genuine human beings. The day after their wedding we climbed a mountain, the highest point in Tlacochahuaya, with sweeping views of the valley and the village they were married, it was a dream come true. Thank you to Claire+Manuel for entrusting us to capture your brilliant wedding, we are so happy for you both and grateful to have you in our lives. ¡Feliciades a Claire y Manuel!

Pamela+Gil son unos seres increíbles, hermosos, talentosos y profundamente enamorados. Conocí a Gil en el 2009, desde entonces él ha sido como un hermano para mi; me llena de alegría verlo tan feliz con una gran mujer, Pamela, quien ahora se ha convertido en una hermana de vida. Hace unos meses tuve el gusto de retratarlos en mi casa en un momento tan especial de la vida … recien casados y esperando a su primer bebe. Felicidades a mis queridos amigos, los quiero con todo mi corazon.

Isabelle+Alex celebrated their wedding at the stunning Las Palmas Huatulco, one of my favorite locations on the Coast of Oaxaca. Their wedding was small and intimate, with their closest friends and family in attendance all the way from Canada, along with a little army of  babies, toddlers and kiddos who quite literally made my day on many occasions. Isabelle+Alex have two beautiful children, I adored watching them all together, they are incredible parents, an example to follow. The love this gorgeous couple shares is evident in every aspect of their life, they have traveled the world together, even now with their little ones by their side they continue to explore. They are adventurous, loving, genuine and some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. It was a true honor to document their wedding and to be a part of such an extraordinary celebration. Congrats to Isabelle+Alex, wishing you many more years of joy, adventure and love!

Wedding Coordination by the lovely Jane of Huatulco Weddings and Chiles & Chocolates, home to some of the very best fish tacos around.