Samantha+Sam were married at Bargetto Winery in Santa Cruz CA in early September, and from the first moment I laid on eyes on them, I knew we’d have one hell of a celebration on our hands. Samantha’s radiant smile and raw emotion invites everyone near in close, she’s loving, kind and mighty soft on the eyes … if I do say so myself. Sam’s calm nature and contagious perma-grin had us at hello, and both of these lovely humans along with their family and friends made us feel right at home while giving us all of the creative freedom we could dream of. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how they found us … perhaps something I should inquire about, but man am I glad they did! The Sams, as they’re often referred to, share, give and receive so much love, which was more than evident as their loved ones gathered to celebrate them on their wedding day. I absolutely adore these photos and I am so grateful to this gorgeous pair for allowing us to freely chase every single moment without limits, for opening their lives to us and for entrusting us to document one of the most important days of their lives, it was a true honor. Here are my favorite pictures from their beautiful Santa Cruz wedding!

Thank you to Roque Reyes for his beautiful pictures, helping hands, invaluable support and superb light management at this wedding.

This family is a true beauty and was such a pleasure to photograph in Oaxaca’s stunning historic city center. I literally arrived from a wedding on the coast, jumped off the plane and met this lovely crew to document their last afternoon in our beautiful city. We wandered the streets with some gorgeous light accompanying our every step, it was perfect. From bubbles and artisan shops to miniature cars and mezcal caves, they were able to experience the city in a real way on their last day, something I always aim for in my sessions. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day, enjoy!

Angela+Todor! Sometimes life really brings things full circle, this being one of those moments.  These two incredibly kind and authentic human beings will celebrate their wedding in Oaxaca next year and I am beyond excited to document it. Angela and I met as teeny tiny Waldorf students and quickly become close friends, bonding over our common obsession with oversized basketball Ts, Dubs to be exact, while dedicating our recesses to WNBA dreams. After those idyllic years of childhood, we lost touch, only to reconnect in Oaxaca a few years back when Angela+Todor were on vacation here, a moment I cherish. So when they wrote me about their wedding here in Oaxaca, naturally I was overjoyed.  I adore these beautiful souls. So excited to document their wedding, such an honor to capture their love in Oaxaca today!

A few weeks ago we spent the afternoon running from the rain at the beautiful Hotel Azul, and when it finally subsided we hit the streets and were left with some gorgeous stormy light and dramatic rain clouds. In true Oaxaca style, as soon as the session ended, the rain started right back up. It sure was a special day, here are some of my favorite pictures. Congrats to Angela+Todor, so excited for your wedding!

Hadas+Joey were married at the Corralitos Community Center, it was a beautiful day full of love, speculator dance moves and so much emotion. It was a true pleasure to meet this lovely couple and witness such a glorious celebration. Here are some of my favorite moments from their wedding. Congrats to Hadas+Joey!

Alicia+Scott came all the way to Oaxaca from New York City to make their engagement photos, so we took them on one hell of an adventure! From the stunning historic city center to the sprawling central valleys of Oaxaca, we found ourselves running from the rain as we explored the magic of this place. We scored with incredibly dramatic light accompanied by tons of laughter and a few near falls, and finished covered in dirt and bug bites, but it was so worth it! Not only were some lovely photos made, we also finished the day with new friends who absolutely adore. So, as I try (<- keyword) to stay up-to-date on the blog, excited to share some of my favorite pictures, super excited to photograph their NYC wedding next year! Thank you to Roque ( for his beautiful photos, perfect VW bug driving and hard work at this session. 

Hace un mes pasamos una linda tarde con Yesica y Enrique, haciendo sus fotografías de compromiso en Oaxaca Centro y en el mirador de Tlacochahuaya, dos de nuestros lugares favoritos. Fue un día lleno de aventura, luz impresionante y paisajes increíbles, terminando con un arcoiris y lluvia, un momento muy bello para todos. ¡Estamos súper emocionados para documentar su boda el próximo año! ¡Felicidades a esta hermosa pareja!

The day after Rachel+Vann’s phenomenal New Orleans wedding, this beautiful pair took us on an adventure to a few of their favorite places to make some special pictures. From the Tree of Life to the End of the World, we saw some of Nola’s most beautiful landscapes. I firmly believe that every session ought to be an experience, and an experience it was. Here are my favorites from that afternoon exploring their fair city.

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a lovely family in Oaxaca, documenting a rainy afternoon as they wandered the city, made bubbles, threw plastic things, danced in the zocalo, chased a calenda, puddle stomped and so much more. They certainly kept me on my toes, and it was so special to capture their first trip here all together. I adore this beautiful familia! Here are some of my favorite moments.


Rachel+Vann. These two shine bright, they stole our hearts from the first moment we met them. Their wedding, coordinated by the talented ladies of My House Social, was everything we could have dreamed of and more, especially for our first wedding in New Orleans. In many ways, their celebration reminded me a lot of weddings in Oaxaca, drenched in culture, tradition, music and even an incredible celebratory wedding parade down the stunning streets of downtown New Orleans. The presence of historic culture in celebration was wildly similar, something that made us feel right at home. Rachel+Vann are made for one another, the love they share radiated throughout the day, contagious and joyous, in-sync with one another on an incredibly deep level, it was truly a beautiful thing to witness.  I could go on for hours about how much we adore these two wonderful humans, their people and every moment of this brilliant wedding, but instead I’ll let the pictures do the talking. So on that note, congrats to Rachel+Vann, we love y’all, keep on spreading the love as you so smoothly do, cheers to you!

Thank you to Roque Reyes for just being amazing as always and for his invaluable support in shooting this wedding. We also made some pictures the day after the wedding of the gawgeous newlyweds in some stunning locations in New Orleans, which we’ll be sharing here soon, so check back to see them!

I recently had the chance to document an afternoon in the life of this lovely family in Oaxaca City. Dana and Mauricio are the amazing parents of the most gorgeous little boy, Aslan, who stole my heart with his bubbly personality, stunning smile and those eyes, oh those eyes! This little guy shines to bright, he’s a mover and a shaker, spreading joy where ever he goes. He is blessed to have such wonderful parents at his side on this wild journey, who’s deep love for one another and for him is evident in every aspect of their life, they are a true inspiration to me. Here are some of my favorite moments, enjoy!