Mina y Yoshimar celebraron su matrimonio en Oaxaca con su hija, familia y amigos de todos los caminos de la vida. La primera vez que conocí a esta bella familia, pasamos una hora platicando, fue un lindo momento. Son personas amorosas con mucho corazón en todo lo que hacen. Son papas increíbles para su pequeña Alba. Su misa fue en la Iglesia Santo Domingo seguida por una calenda llena de energía. La fiesta fue una maravilla en la Hacienda Piedra Azul, terminando la noche con fuegos artificiales. Nos sentimos en casa con ellos y con su gente. Gracias a Mina y Yoshimar por su confianza y por dejarnos presenciar su amor, ¡muchas felicidades a nuestros queridos amigos!

Wedding Planner Oaxaca Destination Weddings | Fotografía Roque Reyes y yo

Gaby + Eduardo. En marzo de este año tuvimos el enorme gusto de documentar la hermosa boda de este par, quienes desde el primer día en que los conocimos, se convirtieron en nuestros queridos amigos. Gaby y Eduardo son seres lindísimos, auténticos y genuinos. Comparten una fuerte conexión, su amor se siente al estar en su presencia. Su boda fue única en todos los sentidos con una ceremonia en el bosque de Casa Dos Lagos, justo en el atardecer con una luz mágica. Fue una ceremonia con muchas emocionesa, muy intencional, llena de sonrisas y lagrimas. La fiesta fue maravillosa con muchísima energía. Estamos más que agradecidos por haber podido presenciar esta boda, gracias a nuestros amigos, los queremos, gracias por tanto. ¡Felicidades Gaby y Eduardo!

Wedding Planner Maricarmen Junco Eventos | Fotografía por Roque Reyes y yo | Ceremonia Civil | Vestidos Va de Blanco

La ceremonia civil de Gaby y Eduardo fue toda una aventura. El plan era hacerla en el parque Cruz de Piedra, sin embargo a la mera hora de iniciar la ceremonia, los vecinos no nos dejaron. Entonces, con toda la buena vibra que siempre trae estos dos seres y su gente, movimos la mesa y los invitados para un parque a la vuelta y todo salío hermoso. Después de casarse legalmente, llegó la calenda para llevarlos a la fiesta de bienvenida en Agavero Cocina & Bebidas. Fue una noche lindísima, y en el siguiente post varán la historia visual de su boda.

Wedding Planner Maricarmen Junco Eventos | Fotografía por Roque Reyes y yo

Hannah + Tommy were married at the UCSC Arboretum last May, a stunning botanical garden boasting incredible plan diversity and gorgeous landscapes in my hometown of Santa Cruz. I’ve known Hannah since we were little so it was really special to be present for her celebration. This beauty was six months pregnant on her wedding day, she was glowing, as was Tommy, stoked would be an understatement. The Arboretum is a very meaningful place for them, Tommy practical grew up there, so we knew it was important to integrate the beauty of this place in our compositions. There were tons of guests who I grew up with but hadn’t seen since high school, what a trip to re-meet so many as adults, loved every moment. It was such a joy to observe the love and respect these two share, they are connected beyond words. Being a part of their wedding was such an amazing experience, really felt full circle. Congratulations Hannah+Tommy, welcome to your sweet baby girl, so much to celebrate this year!


Lilly + Enrique. A finales del pasado Abril tuvimos la suerte de documentar la boda de Lilly y Enrique en Oaxaca, fue una hermosa celebración. Desde el momento en que los conocí en Oaxaca, sabía que iba a ser una gran fiesta llena de alegría, y así fue. El papa de Lilly también es Fotógrafo, así que aquel día que nos reunimos por primera vez, pasamos tiempo platicando de la fotografía documental, una linda manera de conocernos. Lilly y Enrique son seres llenos de luz y comparten un amor profundo presente en cada momento de su boda. Fue sin duda una bellísima experiencia. Gracias Lilly y Enrique por su confianza y ¡muchas felicidades!

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Alice + Basil were married in Oaxaca last March and we feel lucky to have been a part of their wedding day. These two are beautiful inside and out, talented artists, unique in every sense, old souls with hearts of gold. Their wedding day was equally unique, starting at the Quinta Real, followed by the longest and most interesting mass we’ve ever attended, a lively calenda through the city accompanied by the one-and-only Mazapan to Casa Oaxaca Restaurant where the newlyweds were showered with love by their friends and families who’s speeches had us all in tears. It was a beautiful celebration to witness. Alice and Basil’s passionate love for one another, their families & friends and life in general truly inspires so much joy and happiness. Here’s to many more years of authentic love and wild adventure, ¡felicidades amigos!

Photos by Roque & Me | Wedding Planner Roselina Mejía | Venue Quinta Real & Casa Oaxaca Restaurant

Four days documenting the wedding of Elsa + Joseph in Oaxaca, perfect way to kick off 2019. These two together, something special would be an understatement, they are genuine souls with fierce love for one another and for their people. The festivities began with a mezcal tour in San Baltazar Guelavila and ended with a post-wedding photo session in the same village settled amongst fields of maguey and mind-blowing landscapes. Their wedding celebration had everyone in attendance both laughing and crying with joy, it felt tangible. Friends and family made speeches that hit the heart strings hard, their love is contagious and we feel to lucky to have been a part of their wedding weekend. We adore these two, thank you for having us along to celebrate queridos Elsa + Joseph.

Wedding Planner Vero Vivas | Photography Roque and Nikhol | Venue Quinta Real Oaxaca

DAY ONE. Mezcal tour in San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca.


DAY TWO. Welcome cocktail at Casa Estambul.


DAY THREE. Wedding day, Oaxaca Centro.


DAY FOUR. Photo session in San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca.


Lauren + Brett were married in Lodi, California, where they both grew up and eventually re-crossed paths, a moment that lead to this most beautiful day. Surrounded by family and friends, they loved, laughed and danced the night away out on Lauren’s Grandparent’s land, a truly special place to celebrate this moment in their lives. Their ceremony was held at Cathedral of Annunciation in Stockton, which is one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever stepped foot in, we were mesmerized by the light and stained-glass. They got ready at their childhood homes with their closest friends and family in attendance, full of quiet moments of love and emotion. Lauren and Brett are two special souls. They share a noticeably profound and authentic love, you can feel it in the way they communicate, how they steal glances regularly that always end with the sweetest smirk of knowing that love is cherished. We feel so lucky to have been part of their wedding day. Congratulations Lauren + Brett! We’ll always be looking forward to crossing paths once again, amigos.

This post is dedicated to the loving memory of Lauren’s Grandfather, who was such a important part of their wedding day and a pillar of love and strength in their family. May he rest in peace.

Alicia + Scott were married at the Greenpoint Loft, a stunning venue on the waterfront in Brooklyn with views of Manhattan that light up the sky at night. Michelle of Onederland Events did an amazing job, everything was perfection, from the surprise Mets Mascot arrival to the Samba Dancers, the night was full of life, laughter and dancing … lots of dancing. Alicia got ready at the gorgeous William Vale Hotel also in Brooklyn, their rooms are something else entirely, boasting mind-blowing views of Manhattan from way high up … something that, to be perfectly honest, took me a minute to adjust to, but once I did I was captivated. Scott along with his friends and Father got ready at their apartment in the heart of Greenpoint and before all of the wedding activities began, Alicia, Scott and family played a few rounds of Horse to start they day off right. It was my first time shooting a wedding in New York and I loved every moment. These two share something very special, they’re contrasting personalities remind me much of my own relationship and they complement each other in the best ways possible. It was am amazing experience to be able to document this special day in their lives, congratulations to Alicia and Scott!

In case you missed it, these two came down to Oaxaca for their engagement shoot, here’s the post from that epic stormy adventure.

Gaby + Gerardo son unos seres hermosos. Tuvimos el honor de documentar su boda y unos días después hicimos una sesión post-boda en el Centro Histórico de la ciudad enfrente del Restaurante de Gerardo, Sabina Sabe, y luego salimos para la Ex-Hacienda San Antonio, un lugar magnifico en medio de la naturaleza. Fue toda una aventura con lluvia, lodo, risa, perritos, alegría y mucho más, me encantó pasar la tarde con ellos haciendoles fotos y explorando la Ex-Hacienda. Pronto subiré la historia completa de su boda, mientras tanto, les compartimos unos de nuestros momentos favoritos de la sesión. Abrazos para G+G, ¡los queremos!