Evelyn + Alan were married on a stormy summer day in Oaxaca, those afternoons where rain lingers as a probable possibility but ends up never falling, instead giving you the most epic light and stunning sky. Their wedding took place at Hotel Azul with a beautiful Zapotec Ceremony and a lively calenda through the city followed by an epic fiesta into the wee hours of the night. Evelyn and Alan share a deep connection, they get one another with a simple glance, the sweetest lover, not to mention how they just exude cool in the way of legends, I literally can’t think of a better way to say it. What a dream to make these pictures documenting their love in Oaxaca, happy almost one year anniversary queridos!

Wedding Planner and Venue: Hotel Azul

The Hansen Family. What can I say, just a few of my favorite human beings who entrust me year after year to document their life, probably my first ever family session in fact. I have pictures of Ellery, their eldest, when she was a newborn, that was the moment this wondrous gift of documenting their beautiful chaos began.  I often think of the moment Ellery takes a keen interest in looking back on her life through these pictures and I genuinely look forward to that day. I’m truly at a loss for words when I think about what to write here, but I can say that I am mighty grateful; their friendship, their trust in my vision and their desire to have their life documented, no filters, year after year, is one of the greatest gifts. Gracias amigos, I adore and cherish each one of you. x

I spent a few hours with the Gona-Haddad family in San Francisco last summer, it was a great time. I met this crew when they hired me to make pictures of them while on vacation a few years ago in Oaxaca. It was really great to see them two years later and get to know them in their context. Looking forward to the next session with these lovely souls. x

Every year I’m so lucky to have the honor of documenting my friend Rhianna and her sweet sassy daughter Ophelia. These two light up each others lives in the most magical of ways, grateful for their trust year after year. So proud of you, Rhi, all the love x


Alécia + Amit. What a wedding! These two went all out … including an amazing calenda with literally all, and I mean all, of their friends and family dancing their hearts out. Their reception kicked-off with a surprise coordinated dance to the Backstreet Boys on the stage of the Quinta no less, it was a sight to be seen. Alécia + Amit are some of the kindest, wittiest, funnest people I’ve known, risk takers who share a beautiful and profound connection evident in every aspect of their wedding. We are grateful to have witnessed their love. Congratulations dear friends, we admire you both, here’s to your fantastic and completely unique adventure, keep on livin’ as you do.

Wedding Planners Oaxaca Destination Weddings | Location Quinta Real Oaxaca | Photos by Roque and I


Monica and Chad were married in Oaxaca on a cool August day at the Quinta Real and Casa Oaxaca Hotel, it was a brilliant celebration. The first moment we met at a little cafe in Centro I was prepared to show them our work, explain our style, etc, however they stooped me mid-sentence declaring that I didn’t need to show them anything, we were who they wanted to document their day. We were honored, as we were the day of their wedding. The love throughout their wedding celebration was palpable, their people are real gems, their family made us feel right at home. Thank you Monica and Chad for your trust, all the love for you two.

Wedding Planners Oaxaca Destination Weddings | Photos by Roque and I | Locations: Quinta Real Oaxaca and Casa Oaxaca Hotel

Monica+Chad’s won a Story Award at this is reportage, which can be seen here. What is a story Award? “A Story Award is for a series of images from a single wedding, representing world-class creativity, storytelling and consistency, only the top 6% of Story submissions are awarded.” – This is Reportage

Amanda + Chris were married in Oaxaca in November and they celebrated their love with an intimate group of their closest friends and their lovely families. The day began at Casa Antonieta, where we were so lucky to have access to the roof for some epic portraits in the sky, followed by a few more pictures on the streets of Oaxaca. Their ceremony was at Los Amantes Hotel, followed by a lively calenda to the reception at Casa Antonieta. It was a beautiful day, we are grateful to have been able to witness and document such immense love.

Wedding planned by Oaxaca Destination Weddings