When Marina wrote me about documenting a day in their life in Santa Cruz CA, I was both excited and complemented, as Marina and Matt are the talented Photographers behind Two Foxes Photography whose work I’ve followed over the years. It was a great honor to document these four plus their adored pups in the two places they cherish most. Marina and Matt are wonderful parents and beautiful together, their love and commitment to both one another and their family shines bright and was a gift to witness.

We started in the early morning out on their land where they’re building their dream home, just a few miles from where I grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains, and ending in their Capitola casita. This family is wild and adventurous and way too much fun. Seeing Wilder and Lila out on the land, rolling in dirt, exploring their future home, climbing anything climb-able … all while playing imaginary games reminded me a great deal of the beauty of growing up wild and free, in the mountains with seemingly endless land and thick forest on all sides. Their dogs are also a huge part of their lives, even the inspiration behind the name of their photography business, and seeing what an integral part of their family they are just melted my heart.  Thank you the George family for entrusting me to document a glimpse of your life, here are a few of my favorite frames from that day.


Anton+Melissa. I’ve known these two lovely souls for quite a few years now, it’s been a beautiful thing seeing them grow together and even more magical to document their stunning wedding at the Casitas Estate in San Luis Obispo, coordinated by the amazing Janet Tacy of Sand Castle Celebrations, whose energy is on point and relaxed approach is unparalleled, she’s a true gem. Melissa is laid back, gentle, a true vision; I love watching the dashing Anton as he looks at her – it’s as if the world stops every time he sees her, their love feels tangible and is highly contagious. This gorgeous pair were made for one another, and over the many years they’ve shared together, they’ve continued to set a beautiful example of profound and authentic love, for which I am grateful to have once again witnessed on their wedding day. Congrats to Anton+Melissa, here’s to the beginning of a new and exciting adventure together!

Last September I was lucky to spend another afternoon documenting the life of the Cunningham family, who I absolutely adore. The kids have grown so much since our last session, it was such a trip to see all the changes, including their gorgeous new mountain home. I followed them around as they spent a lazy Sunday not being very lazy …. intermittent trampoline jumping sessions, pool fun, forest hikes, vineyard walks and more, it was a beautiful day. Always grateful to the families who entrust me to document a glimpse of their lives, thank you to this beautiful crew for yet another magical experience. Here’s a peek into an afternoon for the Cunningham family, enjoy!

Lana+Jason’s wedding celebration was an intimate and love-filled backyard fiesta in gorgeous Santa Cruz CA, all of our hometown. Lana had a vision and it came to life in the most perfect of ways, each detail and moment accompanied by love and intention.  Loved ones came from near and far to celebrate these two beautiful human beings, along with their darling pup Dexter who, in my dog-loving opinion, stole the show. Lana and Jason complement one another perfectly; smart, witty, loving, kind, dedicated, beautiful people who also grew up together, maneuvering life’s journey hand-in-hand. They share a deep love for one another and for their friends and family, something evident throughout their entire wedding. And let’s just take a minute to recognize their amazing dance moves … they know how to get down! It was an amazing day and I am so happy to share some of my favorite moments from their wedding! Thank you to this wonderful pair for entrusting us to document the bliss and a big congrats to Lana+Jason, cheers to a lifetime of love!

Second in camera command: Roque Reyes

Jasmine+Dylan were married at a small beach at Pigeon Point Lighthouse right outside of Santa Cruz on the most perfect of sunny California days. When Jasmine first wrote me about documenting her wedding, we instantly connected, her thoughtful and honest words stole my heart and I was  overwhelmed with emotion and excitement to capture their celebration. Jasmine+Dylan are beautiful together, perfectly in sync with one another, and just some of the kindest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure to know … attentive, generous, thoughtful, gracious, lovers and wildly loved. They are beautiful and authentic people who I quickly came to admire.

Jasmine envisioned and created a unique wedding in some of the most gorgeous locations along the Coast of California, places that for me, along with the newlyweds who also grew up in Santa Cruz, stir up a deep sense of nostalgia and meaning. This coastline between Santa Cruz and San Fransisco is where many an adventure unfolded growing up, days spent on windy beaches and others under fierce sunshine, first roadtrips and freezing camp-outs, things I completely understood without a word mentioned, we got one another. The wedding party quite literally constructed the ceremony location from scratch, raking the beach and assembling the hand-painted yellow-wood-aisle under the strong mid-day sun, a strong sense of community and friendship accompanied every moment that day. The sweet 70s style coupled with the beach shack architecture of the Pigeon Point Hostel and the epic landscape of the hidden beach followed by the sprawling mountains surrounding the reception location at Pie Ranch, made for a stunning wedding. I am eternally happy to have met Jasmine+Dylan and to have been part of such a beautiful celebration of love. I am so happy for these two love birds and to have them on my life. Here’s to many years more full of love, adventure and joy, congrats to Jas+Dylan!

Coordinator: Sarah of Sarah of Weddings by Aimee  |  Second in camera command: Roque Reyes

Hace un par de meses, tuvimos la gran oportunidad de documentar un día en la vida de Doña Rosario y Don Pablo en Magdalena Apasco Etla, quienes llevan 63 años de casados. Fue una hermosa experiencia, conocimos a su pueblo, su familia, sus tradiciones, su campo de maíz donde aún siembran y cosechan, fue una hermosa experiencia y fue un honor poder capturar un poco de su vida cotidiana. Les compartimos unas de nuestras fotos favoritas de la sesión.

“Llevamos 63 año de casados. El maíz nos ha dado para comer y para vivir, es una fuente de vida para nosotros. Estamos en la octava etapa de vida y todavía sembramos, cultivamos y cosechamos; la tierra sigue dando mientras la cuidamos, de aquí vienen nuestras tortillas.” – Don Pablo

Samantha+Sam were married at Bargetto Winery in Santa Cruz CA in early September, and from the first moment I laid on eyes on them, I knew we’d have one hell of a celebration on our hands. Samantha’s radiant smile and raw emotion invites everyone near in close, she’s loving, kind and mighty soft on the eyes … if I do say so myself. Sam’s calm nature and contagious perma-grin had us at hello, and both of these lovely humans along with their family and friends made us feel right at home while giving us all of the creative freedom we could dream of. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how they found us … perhaps something I should inquire about, but man am I glad they did! The Sams, as they’re often referred to, share, give and receive so much love, which was more than evident as their loved ones gathered to celebrate them on their wedding day. I absolutely adore these photos and I am so grateful to this gorgeous pair for allowing us to freely chase every single moment without limits, for opening their lives to us and for entrusting us to document one of the most important days of their lives, it was a true honor. Here are my favorite pictures from their beautiful Santa Cruz wedding!

Thank you to Roque Reyes for his beautiful pictures, helping hands, invaluable support and superb light management at this wedding.

This family is a true beauty and was such a pleasure to photograph in Oaxaca’s stunning historic city center. I literally arrived from a wedding on the coast, jumped off the plane and met this lovely crew to document their last afternoon in our beautiful city. We wandered the streets with some gorgeous light accompanying our every step, it was perfect. From bubbles and artisan shops to miniature cars and mezcal caves, they were able to experience the city in a real way on their last day, something I always aim for in my sessions. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day, enjoy!

Angela+Todor! Sometimes life really brings things full circle, this being one of those moments.  These two incredibly kind and authentic human beings will celebrate their wedding in Oaxaca next year and I am beyond excited to document it. Angela and I met as teeny tiny Waldorf students and quickly become close friends, bonding over our common obsession with oversized basketball Ts, Dubs to be exact, while dedicating our recesses to WNBA dreams. After those idyllic years of childhood, we lost touch, only to reconnect in Oaxaca a few years back when Angela+Todor were on vacation here, a moment I cherish. So when they wrote me about their wedding here in Oaxaca, naturally I was overjoyed.  I adore these beautiful souls. So excited to document their wedding, such an honor to capture their love in Oaxaca today!

A few weeks ago we spent the afternoon running from the rain at the beautiful Hotel Azul, and when it finally subsided we hit the streets and were left with some gorgeous stormy light and dramatic rain clouds. In true Oaxaca style, as soon as the session ended, the rain started right back up. It sure was a special day, here are some of my favorite pictures. Congrats to Angela+Todor, so excited for your wedding!

Hadas+Joey were married at the Corralitos Community Center, it was a beautiful day full of love, speculator dance moves and so much emotion. It was a true pleasure to meet this lovely couple and witness such a glorious celebration. Here are some of my favorite moments from their wedding. Congrats to Hadas+Joey!