Berkeley Wedding | Youali + Jimmy

Youali + Jimmy were married in Berkeley CA, where they met and live and where their love story began. From the moment they reached out to me, I knew we’d be a great fit. Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful, from the getting ready through to the reception, the immense love was overwhelmingly beautiful and highly contagious. These two are pillars of love and support to those they hold closest and so strong was that feeling, that nearly tangible it felt. Youali and Jimmy hold each other close, they share a tight bond founded in deep faith and immersed in love. Their connection is inspiring and a true gift to experience.

Their ceremony at Newman Hall – Holly Spirit Parish greatly impacted everyone including myself, so much so in fact that this text that accompanied the first photo I posted of them brought me to tears: “Ceremony moments. Upon entering the church, Catholic Priest Father George took the time to welcome everyone, emphasizing acceptance and respect of all human beings regardless of religion; he lead a ceremony strong in grace, sincerity, inclusivity, humility and warmth, accompanied by impeccable humor, tears and laughter. I know … it’s Berkeley, but how wonderful would it be to have even more like him around …”. I imagine that gives you an idea of how truly stunning their wedding celebration was, how much profound meaning and intention accompanied each word uttered, each detail created, each moment experienced; it was a most remarkable celebration to document and bare witness to. I am so grateful to have been entrusted to make these pictures and tell Youali and Jimmy’s love story through photography. Wishing our dear friends a most amazing adventure ahead, congrats to this beautiful pair!


This wedding story is particularly moving in this moment in time and is dedicated to the loving memory of Father George, a grandfather figure to Jimmy and Youali and the officiant at their wedding, a man who positively impacted the lives of so many with his grace, love and courage. He passed away in late June of this year. As Youali so elegantly put it when so wrote to tell me this heartbreaking news –  “As you saw on our wedding day, Father George was source of light and joy to all who knew him. I am so very grateful to have this picture and your thoughtful caption to remember him by. Thankful for the healing power of photography.” When I heard this news, I felt it deep, I felt devastated for the loss of such an amazing human being and at the same time, profoundly grateful to have met him, to which I owe a heartfelt thank you to Youali and Jimmy for entrusting us to document their wedding. Father George will always be a part of their lives, remembered in many ways and via many experiences, and these pictures are a way to keep his memory alive and honor an incredible man.  Thank you to Youali and Jimmy. Rest in peace Father George.