¡Bienvenidos! Welcome! I’m Nikhol, he is Roque, we are documentary photographers specializing in weddings based out of Oaxaca. Picture above is a self-portrait of us. We also offer our services in international destination wedding photography. I (Nikhol) also photography families with the same approach.

Our backgrounds are in psychology and fine art, both of which we integrate into our photography work and have proven to complement it wonderfully. We have participated in and given workshops and conferences on documentary wedding photography in Mexico and South America, I am an avid street photographer and Roque is a talented painter and print maker. We use our cameras as a tool to explore and understand the human condition while simultaneously challenging ourselves to create interesting, authentic, and unique pictures within the context of a wedding.

We love photographing people. We see each wedding as it’s own unique story and finding the most creative and authentic way to visually represent that is a big part of our passion for social documentation. The couples and families that we photograph guide our storytelling. We love constructing pictures, seeing the moving pieces come together in a way that a story emerges. We feel grateful every single day to be entrusted to document life at weddings.

We make unique and real images that capture both the big and small moments that make up the experience of a wedding and that also tell the story of that day with authenticity and creativity. When you look through your images they will take you right back to the experience of  your celebration.

So that’s a bit about us and what we do, we would love to hear about you and your wedding, you can write via the contact page.

See Roque’s painting and print work over at www.roquereyes.com.


We are members of:

Wedding Photojournalist Association

Fearless Photographers

This is Reportage