Welcome to my site, thanks for stopping by.  I am a documentary photographer based out of Oaxaca (Winter) and the Bay Area in California (Summer), and also offer my services in international destination wedding photography. Picture to the left is of my husband Roque and I, along with our two adopted dogs. Roque is an artist and second shoots with me, you can see his work at www.roquereyes.com.

I first came to Mexico fresh out of university in late 2007, traveled throughout Mexico and Central America, installed myself in Nayarit, then Guadalajara and now Oaxaca. I’ve participated in a number of workshops, expositions and learned the ropes from some great photographers in a variety of disciplines. I really love my job and feel grateful every single day to be able to do what I love while making people happy, pretty much the best in my book. When I’m not working, you can find me photographing on the streets of Oaxaca, exploring this beautiful state, playing with our dogs Mezcal & Janis and traveling in our VW bug.

My approach focuses on making unique and real images that capture the meaningful moments, raw emotion and pure joy that make up the incredible experience of a wedding, and that also beautifully tell the story of that day. When you look through your images, they will take you right back to the excitement, love and happiness experienced during your celebration. I am madly in-love with documenting love. So that’s a bit about me, we would love to hear about you and your wedding, you can write vía the contact page.

(Picture: Holiday Slef-Portrait 2016)

Member of:

Wedding Photojournalist Association

Fearless Photographers

ISPWP – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers